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Top Luxury Fixes for Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are no longer just places to brush your teeth and get ready for your day. A number of special features and accessories can transform the most-often used room in your house into a spa retreat:

1) A smart toilet. Manufacturers now make toilets with seat warmers, foot warmers, embedded deodorizers, sensors for flushing, remote controls, and built-in speakers so that you can listen to the radio while you go about your routine. Some have sensors that open and close the lid, too, so you never have to have that argument again.

2) Giant spa baths. Tubs seem to be getting larger and larger. If you hate having your knees sticking out of the tub when you bathe, you will appreciate this trend. Both claw foot and sunken tubs are hot right now and you can add bubbles or jets to the mix to sooth aching muscles. You can even install heating under the floor of the tub so you stay toasty warm while you soak.


3) Multimedia centers in your bathroom. Miles ahead of shower radios, these systems allow you to watch movies, read a digital newspaper, or peruse e books while you soak. You can even catch up on work or your favorite blogs as you soak or relax.

4) Fireplaces. Faux fireplaces are very popular in bathrooms. Bathrooms can have a clinical, almost cold look to them, and fireplaces instantly add a cozy glow as well as warmth. Bathing by the flickering glow of a fireplace is also very romantic and soothing.


5) Heated floors. Heated floors can help keep bathroom floors dry and ensure that when you step into your bathroom in bare feet you stay comfortable and warm. The same companies that create heated floors also create heated towel racks for even more comfort and bathroom mirror defoggers. You can even install heated flooring under your shower or bathtub, ensuring you never come into contact with a cold surface. As an added bonus, floor heating is far more affordable than many of the luxury items on this page, and can even be a do-it-yourself project. This is an affordable luxury.


6) Spa steam showers. Spa-like showers available for personal bathrooms allow you to enjoy a sauna experience or even allow you to enjoy some aromatherapy. The newest showers offer multiple jets and showerheads, adjustable water pressure and very accurate temperature controls.


If you’re renovating your bathroom, you will want to look beyond the merely functional fixtures and tubs and accessories to luxury touches that can really transform your home into something special. Whether you want a high-tech bathroom or something traditional with a few luxe details, it is possible.