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Top Changes to Make Over Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house. A bedroom that’s not at its best can kill off romance and can even affect your health if you are not getting proper rest and sleep. If your sleeping space is not up to snuff, there are a few basic changes you will want to make to transform this room into your favorite room in the house:

1) Change the placement of the bed.

Where you decide to put your bed can affect quality of sleep. It’s also a very personal choice. Those who believe in Feng Shui think that the bed should not be placed under a window. Others, though, like placing their bed under a window because they want a soft breeze wafting over them in sleep. No matter what your design philosophy, your bed is likely the bulkiest thing in your bedroom, so taking some time to find the right placement is important. Changing your bed’s position from one end of the room to the other will completely change the appearance of your room – and can change how well you rest at night.


2) Invest in bedding.

Most interior designers agree that investing in quality sheets and linens is a must in every bedroom – even if you have to save for a while to buy quality. Don’t buy discount linens in a bag. You deserve better than that. Cotton sheets in a solid color and with thread counts of 450 to 650 will give you the most luxurious experience. If you are on a budget but want the most luxury for your dollar, stick with sheets in the 500 thread count range. This is the sweet spot, those in the know agree. Sheets with higher thread counts than 500 are much more expensive but don’t deliver significantly more coziness. Avoid lots of patterns and embroidery, too, since simpler sheets will be easier to mix and match.

If you are on a budget, price silk at your local fabric store and find out how much it would cost to have it sewn into sheets. If you can sew or can have someone sew the sheets for you, you can create luxury-feel linens at a fraction of the price of designer cotton sheets.


Be sure to top your sheets with a wool blanket, fluffy down comforter, or quilt. Stay away from cheap polyester throws and comforters – they’re not comfortable and they will look dingy very quickly. Of course, beautiful sheets will not make sense if you are sleeping on an old, cheap mattress. Compare prices and look for mattresses on sale, but invest in the best one you can find. We spend a third of our life sleeping, and sleeping on a bad mattress is a sure path to waking up with aches and pains.

3) Add beautiful rugs to youcarpet-100103_640r bedroom.

Unless you have heated floors, your bedroom floors will likely feel cold on your bare feet in the mornings. Invest in either quality carpeting or luxurious wool-silk rugs, which add a shimmer as well as comfort to any bedroom. Another option is sheepskin or shag rugs, which let your feet sink right into coziness first thing in the morning.

4) Add several lamps to your bedroom.

Bedroom lighting is tricky. On the one hand, you want enough light to be able to read, but soft lighting is a must if you want a flattering, romantic bedroom. If you have lamp-73841_640the money, you can solve the bedroom lighting question by installing a dimmer. The simpler solution is to have several lamps around the bedroom, so that you can add more or less lighting depending on your mood. Overhead lighting should be only over a reading area (never over the bed) and you will want a floor lamp as well as bedside lamps to add a soft glow. You can opt for lower-watt light bulbs in this room, or you can paste gold paper inside lamp shades to create a more flattering glow with brighter light bulbs.

Look for attractive lampshades. A budget-friendly decorating trick is to save money by buying low-cost lamp bases – either in a discount store or second-hand shop – and buying higher-quality lampshades. You can also create a more coordinated look by using the same style of lampshades on different bases. If you want to transform your bedroom, you can also keep the lamps you currently have and just switch up the lampshades to something in a stunning color. If the cost of lampshades is prohibitively high, consider making your own. Design Sponge has a step-by-step tutorial here. For a more dramatic look, DIY Craft has a guide to making gorgeous paper lampshades here.

5) Buy a headboard – or change up the one you have.

A bold, dramatic headboard creates a backdrop for your entire bed area. Headboards can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so if this seems like a luxury you can make your own. Chris Prickett has a YouTube video here showing you exactly how to build an attractive headboard for $50. Remodelaholic has 25 DIY headboard projects here, and if you are looking for something different, be sure to visit Furnish Burnish here. They have a number of unusual headboard ideas that are affordable and gorgeous.

6) Shut out the world.

If you really want to create a beautiful bedroom, you will need to make this room the one room in your home where the world does not intrude. Get rid of as many screens as you can. Certainly there should be no computer in the bedroom, but you may also want to get rid of the TV and any work-related paperwork. Devote your entire bedroom to relaxation. You may have some pleasure reading in this room, or soothing music, but overall it should be an escape from the world.

7) Transform your window treatments.

Choose colors that work with the wall paint and your linens. Neutral colors and soft linen fabric work best, and if you don’t have high ceilings, consider floor-to-ceiling curtains to create the illusion of taller ceilings and to frame your view.


8) Create a seating space.

An ideal spot is a little reading nook with a low-lying table and a soft chair or two. If you don’t have the space, even a padded chair can do. A padded bench at the foot of the bed is another option for very small bedrooms. Adding a seating area creates the illusion of a larger space and also gives you a spot to try on clothes or relax after a long day.


9) Personalize your bedroom with beautiful accents.

Beauty can refresh your mind and spirit the way that sleep refreshes your body. Bring personalized accents and beautiful items into your bedroom so that you can look at gorgeous pieces when you go to sleep and wake up. A pretty painting (or print), a display of your collectibles, or even a jewelry tree with your favorite baubles can all create a beautiful mood. Pictures of your loved ones in attractive frames can also be something that can improve your mood in the mornings and can make your bedroom look more like your haven (and less like an impersonal magazine spread).


10) Don’t forget about scent.

Bedrooms can smell stale quickly. Be sure to change your linens often and clean this room regularly. Air out the room often, as well, to get rid of dust and other allergens. Unless you live in a very cold or noisy climate, keep your window cracked at night to get fresh air; you will sleep better that way. Flowers and plants in the bedroom can help clear the air and can add a hint of fragrance. Scented candles, sachets, and diffusers are another way to add a hint of luxurious scent to your bedroom. Just be sure to read the ingredients and opt for the most natural products possible so that you don’t end up bringing pollutants into your bedroom. Harsh, toxic chemicals have no place in the room where you sleep. A good option is to make your own scented candles, diffusers, or sachets. It’s eco-friendly, affordable, and allows you to mix personalized fragrances. The website eHow has detailed instructions for making your own sachets and candles here and here. You can learn to make your own reed diffusers at the site.


Your bedroom should be the backdrop for romance and relaxation. If it is outdated and boring, consider making a few changes to transform the space into one you will be happy to spend time in.