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Top 5 Interior Design Trends To Throw Away Forever

There is so much information online and in print relating to interior design today that it’s easy to be confused with the constant barrage of advice we receive from various sources. At the same time, every month sees exciting new trends “that are going to be huge,” only to disappear after a month or two and prove to be nothing more than a fad for that particular time.

While these new and exciting trends are great and can inspire us to create amazing designs for our home, most people in the real world don’t have the financial capacity, or the willpower or need, to keep changing their home interior every few weeks.

Therefore, it might be better to look for the trends you need to avoid at all costs, and then take yourself in completely the opposite direction. Here are the five interior design ideas that you need to throw away for good.

Morbid Magnolia

It pains us to even call magnolia a trend, but the legendary color of the landlords is something we see repeated far too often considering it is well-known for appearing in rental properties more than anything else.

Why do homeowners choose magnolia? The only answer we can think of is that it hides dirt whereas white doesn’t, but surely, that is no reason to make your home so dull.

Laminate Floors

If you don’t like carpet, you’re not alone. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go for laminate flooring throughout. You have numerous options, from tiled floors, to natural or treated wood floors, without having to resort to laying down the lino.

Stick to laminate in the kitchen and bathroom, if you need to, and keep the rest of your home stylish.

Swing Open Wardrobes

Space is at a premium in 21st century housing, and you need to do whatever you can to save yourself a lot of space. With that in mind, ditch the old-school swing open wardrobe doors, and find a sliding door wardrobe company that will give you space saving wardrobe doors as well as options for mirrored ones that will be convenient and save money elsewhere.

Never again will you have to squeeze between your wardrobe and bed to get to your clothes, or have to pull out a shirt at random because the door only opens halfway.

High Pile Rugs

We’ll be honest, we loved these when they were stylish and relevant, but we’re talking around ten years ago, at least, when it was last acceptable to have a high pile rug in your lounge or bedroom.

Today, it’s all about neat low pile alternatives that are much easier to keep clean and are less likely to gather up food and your money!

Decorative Wording

Having an ornament of the word “EAT” in your kitchen or “WASH” next to your sink, as well as blocks spelling our “LOVE” or “SLEEP” around your home, is unoriginal, unimaginative, and just awful.

If you have any of this in your home, throw it away now. If you haven’t, don’t be taken in when you see it massively reduced in a sale; there’s a reason why they’re so cheap.

Improving Your Interior Designs

Now you know what to avoid, you can start putting together timeless looks around your home. Don’t be tempted even by one room of magnolia or laminate floors in the lounge; you’ll regret it in the long run.

Terance Nichols is a home improvement expert who is passionate about making unoriginal and outdated interior design trends disappear forever.