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The 5 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making In Decorating Your Bedroom

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the average person spends 227,468 hours sleeping in their lifetime. That adds up to more than 26 years of your life in bed – and that’s not even counting the hours you may spend relaxing in your bedroom! It’s really no wonder that interior designers consider the bedroom one of the most important rooms in the house. Unfortunately, it’s also a room where we tend to make a lot of mistakes. The most common mistakes made when decorating the bedroom include:

1) Messing up the lighting.

Lighting in the bedroom is tricky. If you read at night, you need a light bright enough for that. At the same time, though, you probably will want softer lights that can set a soothing stage for sleep and relaxation. Keep in mind, too, that too much light when you are trying to sleep can actually disturb your sleep and contribute to sleep disorders. The best option is to have dimmers or lights that have a few settings. You will also want a brighter light for reading and softer lights for just relaxing. Another great option is to look for softer pink lights – they will cast a soft glow over the whole room.


2) Not focusing on all the senses.

A bedroom should appeal to all your senses. It should be attractive, have soothing music (and quiet for sleeping), and should be pleasant smelling. Choose attractive accessories, linens, and furniture for your room and use soothing music to create a relaxing atmosphere. Consider adding some diffusers or plants to the room to create soothing scents. Some scents, including lavender, are naturally relaxing and may even help you to drift off. If you have a small bedroom, you can still add some containers of plants if you get creative. For example, Woolly Pockets allow you to create gardens right on your wall. Find out more at the website. You can bring wonderful-smelling plants into your bedroom and create a great display. Plants can even improve air quality, so that you breathe easier at night.


3) Not investing enough.

Many people decide to invest more in their living rooms, because that is where they entertain. However, you will spend more time in your bedroom than in your living room and the quality of your sleep can have a big impact on your health, so it just makes sense to put more money into your bedroom. Buy quality pillows, mattresses, and a good-quality bed. Invest in pieces that appeal to you and help you get a good night’s sleep.

4) Not considering health.

An unhealthy sleep means an unhealthy life, so make sure that you create a bedroom that helps you reach your health goals. Do you wake up tired, with irritated sinuses, or cranky? Consider whether anything in your bedroom could be causing you to get a terrible night’s sleep. If you have a space heater, for example, you may be drying out your sinuses. You can invest in a humidifier or you can switch to floor heating, which is a gentler form of heating. You can find out more about the health benefits at Warm Your Floor. To enjoy better health, you will also want to get rid of any harsh chemicals in your bedroom – and that includes harsh cleaning chemicals or chemical scent sprays. has a useful list of home-made cleaners and air fresheners you can make. You’ll save money and just may end up enjoying a better sleep.


5) Putting too much in the bedroom.

Too many knickknacks, clothes, and accessories in the bedroom create a hectic and cluttered space – one that can make it hard to relax. Prune back what you own to create a more soothing bedroom.

Now that spring cleaning time’s here, it’s time to reconsider the bedroom. If your bedroom makes you feel frazzled rather than drowsy, now’s the time to tackle the room to create a whole new oasis of calm.