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Interior Designer Secrets You Can Recreate in Your Home

You may not have the budget to hire your own interior designer, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use some of the secrets that interior designers use when transforming a home. You can add some “wow” factor to your own space by using the same techniques:

1) Rethink your ceilings. Many designers agree that this is the most ignored area of any room. Ceilings draw the eye up and a beautiful ceiling – with a dramatic light fixture or textured surface or unexpected color – can really transform any room.

2) Use wallpaper and color creatively. Wallpaper and paint are usually very inexpensive but can bring about huge changes to any room. Bright or contrasting colors can turn a simple room into something eye-catching. Paler colors can make a room look larger, while richer ones can create a cozy atmosphere.


3) Enjoy more freedom by getting rid of clunky heating appliances and cords. Flip through interior design magazines and you won’t see cords or clunky baseboard heaters or vents. Cords are easily hidden by tying them to table legs or taping them under surfaces. You can also always go wireless. Getting rid of clunky heating appliances is also doable. Heated flooring allows you to enjoy comfortable heat and is installed entirely under the floor, so it isn’t visible. It even gives you more control over how you decorate your home, since heated floors deliver a low dose of heat they allow you to move your furniture anywhere you like.

4) Find more room in your home. Even small homes look spacious once interior designers get their hands on them. Part of the secret is choosing furniture and home décor pieces to scale. Look for furniture that is made on an apartment scale. It has slightly slimmer dimensions, so it is easier to fit into small spaces. If you have a very small space, consider furniture that goes further. For example, comfort sleepers can be just as comfortable as a bed but offer you plenty of extra room and flexibility in small homes and apartments.


5) Use lighting carefully. Sit in each room of your home at various points of the day – morning, noon, evening, and night. Note the natural light and any current lighting you have in each room. Does the light make your room look drab? Is one corner of the room too dark? Interior designers spend a lot of time thinking about light, because it really transforms the look of a home.


Interior design experts can help transform your space and can be a great investment for your home. If you don’t quite have the budget for a professional, you can still use professional ideas and tips for great design.