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Granite Vs Quartz: Which Is The Best Option For My Kitchen Countertop?

Many home owners would like to upgrade the countertops in their kitchen, but may not be sure which will work best for their needs. They may be interested in trying out granite or quartz, but aren’t sure which one may be right for their custom home needs.

There are actually subtle differences in both the style and functionality of these different materials. They also carry certain aesthetical qualities, which may be appealing to a set of consumers out there. If you haven’t purchased these types of materials before, you should carefully weigh some of the different pros and cons that you can expect to get from each of them.

#1: Consider Your Budget

It will first be important for many home owners to simply price these two different options, since they will often be operating within a budget. The price for quartz and granite may vary depending on your location, since producers may be far away from your home.

Cost of shipping is typically factored in to the overall price tag that you see in the store. You will see these materials priced by the square foot, so be sure to plan ahead of time to make the right purchase decision. Quartz is typically slightly more expensive than granite, so be sure to plan for this differential.

#2: Consider What Works for Your Needs & Lifestyle 

You should also plan carefully to make sure that you pick the right material for how you use your kitchen. There are some people that will be using their kitchen extensively to cook for their family, so they will tend to generate more stains.

Quartz Countertops

quartz3Quartz is naturally stain resistant, which means that you can trust that it will block out sauces and red wine spills. Granite is more porous, so it is also more susceptible to being stained by these spills. Think about which of these options might be more suitable, given how you plan to use your kitchen countertops in the future.

Some home owners may need to think about whether they will be able to provide proper maintenance for custom home countertop materials. Quartz will typically not need to be sealed, since it is naturally stain resistant. It also won’t need to be resealed, which will help to reduce the maintenance costs imposed on the owner.

Granite Countertops

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGranite does need an initial seal set on it when it is first installed in a kitchen.

Depending on the quality of the seal, it may need to have additional layers applied to it every few years thereafter.

This makes the material a little more difficult to maintain over time, which can be somewhat difficult for people.

In Summary

In all, there are a lot of benefits to own either of these types of materials for kitchen countertop space.

Some people tend to prefer the natural look of granite, since it tends to contain many imperfections that are retained once it has been set.

Quartz will usually have its flaws buffered out during its production process. This may be appealing to owners that want to generate a more streamlined appearance for their kitchens.

Ultimately, the right choice may come down to your personal preferences and the resources that you may have available in your budget.


+Ken Uhrich likes houses. In fact he lives in one. You can drop him a line at the Custom Home Group website.