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Gorgeous Aquariums That Will Transform Your Home

While pets such as fish are a huge responsibility, studies suggest that they can boost your mood and even improve your health.  Researchers have suggested that pets, including various types of fish, can lower blood pressure and can even help us live longer. If you want to read more about the various studies done, visit this site.


While an aquarium of fish may be good for you, it can also be a gorgeous addition to your home. If you’ve never thought about decorating with aquariums, consider these cool options:

1) An aquarium coffee table

One of the simplest ways to decorate with fish tanks and aquariums is to transform them into coffee tables. This can be done as part of a DIY project, or you can buy ready-made aquarium coffee tables from companies such as Acrylics Online (their options can be found here. In either case, this idea transforms the simple coffee table into something beautiful and special. If you have very little room for a fish tank, this can also be a good solution, since you won’t need to find a spare spot for the aquarium. One word of advice: you will probably not want to put your new coffee table near your TV or in front of it, since the movement and lights of the fish tank may distract from your favorite programs.


2) A solid wall

A solid wall of aquariums can create a privacy screen or can just liven up a dull white wall. This is often the most affordable option, as it only requires tanks and stands. You can buy both at retailers such as petco, which lists their options here. A solid wall of tanks does not have to be simple, however. You can place it behind your bed for a unique headboard, for example, or integrate it as part of your bookcases. You can see both design ideas at this blog.


3) An aquarium sink

You can fill an unused sink and turn it into a temporary aquarium or fishbowl. You can also buy an aquarium that includes a fish bowl. Each time you wash your hands, you can enjoy watching fish swim. This item is available from retailers such as Opulent Times (here).


4) Desks and tables

Want to write and work while enjoying the peace of fish swimming under your fingertips? You can buy an aquarium desk here or read about an aquarium dining table here. You can also opt to have a custom desk made from a large aquarium tank. It is certainly a step up from the simple goldfish bowl on top of your office desk.

5) Aquarium toilet

Your bathroom already has water — why not add fish? There are manufacturers who make toilets with fish tanks where the tank should be. No need to worry about your pets, either — the fish are separated from the water that gets flushed away.


If you do opt for any of these unique aquariums and fish tanks, keep in mind that fish are alive and need care. Before you go ahead, make sure that you can provide the food and care these creatures need. If you love freshwater or saltwater fish, however, and are looking for a unique way to decorate your home, any of these innovative fish tanks may be a perfect fit.