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Creating Gorgeous Beds with Comfort Sleepers

If you have a comfort sleeper, pull out bed, or a sofa bed, getting ready for nighttime gives you a chance to create a luxurious sleeping area. Whether you have guests or are just conserving space by combining your sitting area and your sleeping area, you don’t have to compromise on gorgeous bedding. You can create the same stunning beds you see in design magazines with your comfort sleeper if you:

1) Choose the best quality linens you can. Look for high-count sheets, fluffy duvets, and comfortable pillows. If you look around, you can even find real silk sheets and linens that are competitively priced. Design Fabulous has a post full of gorgeous photos for inspiration over here. The beds are traditional, but you can use many of the same ideas for comfort sleepers. In the past, people who had sofa beds had limited choices. Sofa beds tended to be hard on linens, often ripping them, and special-sized sheets were often needed to accommodate the shorter mattresses. Today’s comfort sleepers, though, won’t rip your linens and have traditional-sized mattresses, so you can use standard size sheet sets and fitted sheets, just as you would with a traditional bed.


2) Use layers to add interest. Using blankets, duvets, sheets, and mattress covers together creates a comfortable nest that turns your comfort sleeper into a luxury sleeping experience.

3) Add linens in contrasting colors and add plenty of texture. If you have a comfort sleeper or sofa bed, the back of the sofa becomes your headboard. Look for bed linens and pillows in contrasting colors that go well with the color of your sleeper. Also, consider combining different textures. Silky pillows, woolen blankets, and soft flannel sheets together create interest. If you need inspiration, The Simply Luxurious Life blog has a step-by-step guide to beautiful beds. The tips can work well for sleepers and pull-away beds, too.

4) Have extra pillows on hand. Cushions and pillows in various sizes and colors look great piled up high at the top of the bed.


5) Make sure there are a few comforts nearby. If you use your comfort sleeper or sofa bed as a sofa during the day, make sure that there is a coffee table or roll-away nightstand just to the side – this can become a place to put glasses, an extra bottle of water, a clock radio, and anything else that may be needed during the night. Don’t forget to add a few comforts – a hot water bottle when it’s cold outside or an eye mask if you live in the city make nighttime more pleasant.


6) Use hangings or art to create interest above the bed. If you look at the traditional bed décor over at the Enchanted Home blog, you’ll see that many beds have canopies or some other feature to draw the eye towards the headboard and up. You can do something similar with a sofa bed or comfort sleeper by hanging attractive art above the sofa.

7) Have a system for putting away bed linens in the morning. A large old-fashioned trunk or a beautiful armoire can store pillows, blankets, and your other nighttime essentials until you need them again. If you have a modern comfort sleeper, you can fold away some of the linens in your sleeper until the next night.

Of course, it all starts with a comfortable pull-out bed or sleeper sofa. If your current one is getting old, consider stores such as Sleepers in Seattle to choose a new comfortable sleeper.