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Celebrating Graduation 2021 During Covid 19

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Stuck on how to celebrate the class of 2021 with Covid restrictions in place?

With the stay-at-home order in effect across Toronto and other parts of Canada, celebrating high school graduation is going to look a bit different than past years. Rather than dwell on things beyond our control, take this time to get creative and find a new way to celebrate Graduation 2021!

3 Creative Ways to Celebrate Your 2021 Grad

Whether your student is celebrating highschool or college, it’s a milestone that deserves to be recognized. It’s been a tough time for everyone this year due to the pandemic, so throw on your thinking caps and let’s bring some joy to this year’s graduation celebration. 

#1. Create a Special Graduation Video

Do you want to give your grad a gift they can keep for years to come? Create a graduation celebration video! Have friends and family submit short videos full of well wishes for your graduate. Feeling creative? Use a video production app to edit them all together. Then include pictures and videos reflecting on the graduates achievements and memories throughout their time in school. 

#2. Drive By Graduation Celebration

One of the most iconic parts of graduation is the procession. Each graduate’s name is called to the boisterous applause of their family in the stands, as they proceed across the stage to accept their diploma. While a traditional procession isn’t possible during COVID-19, you can  organize a procession of vehicles to drive by your family home!

Surprise your grad by bringing them outside and having them watch a parade in their honour! Invite family and friends to drive by and honk to toast your graduate! Take it a step further by decorating your yard with 2021 graduation lawn signs that showcase your graduate. Signs can be customized and feature a photo of the graduate along with a special message. Plus you can keep the grad yard signs up as long as you like for neighbours and walkers to join in on the celebration.

#3. Host a Video Party With Family and Friends

Bring all of the important people in your child’s life together in a way that follows social distancing protocols! At the beginning of the pandemic virtual parties were all the rage. 

After more than a year of living in isolation it’s natural to want an in-person gathering. So to keep spirits alive, plan your video party as if it’s the real deal. Send a festive invitation that includes the meeting ID or link. Make your virtual graduation party stand out with a theme and have people dress up for the occasion. You may want to consider decorating the house to showcase a fun background for your virtual event. Put up streamers, balloons, and don’t forget a customized graduation banner!  Include an activity to get people engaged through the party and consider having a few people say words of encouragement or little speeches that bring that attention back to your graduate. Now it’s time to party!

We hope you found some inspiration with these 2021 graduation party tips. Not only can you throw a graduation event that celebrates success in style, but you can do it safely (Covid-19 isn’t quite over, after all). Graduation this year may not look the way any of us planned. But with a little creativity, you can honor your child’s accomplishments, bring together the important people in their life, and focus on celebrating. Congratulations, class of 2021!