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Avoiding Backaches By Choosing Your Sleeper Well

When you are looking for a sleeper sofa, it is important to find one that is comfortable in both the sofa and sleeper positions. If the design of the sofa was not carefully considered by the manufacturer, then it can cause unnecessary aches and pains.

But, you can avoid backaches by choosing your sleeper well. To help you find a quality sleeper sofa, there are a few features to look for:

Choosing a Quality Mattress

The standard mattress for a sleeper sofa is a coil mattress. This is the type of mattress that most often causes the severe aches and pains, joint stiffness and very restless night of sleep, associated with many sleeper sofas. Therefore, if you are looking to avoid back aches, it is best to avoid coil mattresses.


Other mattress choices for sleeper sofas are memory foam and urethane foam. This type of mattress is not too hard or too soft and gives your body the support it needs by molding to your specific body type. Since it evenly distributes and supports your body weight, it helps to eliminate back, hip, neck and shoulder pain. Furthermore, this mattress effectively separates you from the underlying bars of the sleeper.

Choosing a Sofa with Excellent Support and Comfort

The comfort level of a sofa goes hand in hand with the great support it provides. Therefore, the sleeper sofa you choose should offer excellent back support when it is in the sofa set-up position. The sofa should be built with solid, supportive materials that enable you to keep your back in an upright position, without adding strain or tension.

The material should also prevent you from “sinking” into the cushions. Sofas that are too soft can cause you to sink, which can put considerable pressure on your hips and lower back. With the right firmness level, you should be able to stand and sit easily, without exerting yourself. Since each person has a unique built, it is best to research different levels of firmness in order to find the sleeper sofa that best fits you.

In addition, make sure that you choose a sleeper sofa that has comfortable fabric. For maximum comfort, the fabric should allow you to relax, without having to toss around because you are uncomfortable.

Who Makes The Best Sleeper Sofas?

Today almost all companies that manufacture sofas have sleeper sofa options as well. However there are some that are known for the exceptional quality of their sleepers and good balance of price/value:

What is the Best Place to Buy Good Sleepers Online?

If you need a sleeper sofa that is easy on your back and is really high quality make sure you first check these stores: