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5 Typical Problems of (Commercial) Parking Lots and Why They Need Maintenance

If maintaining a commercial parking lot is your responsibility, then knowing the most common problems you’re likely to face and how to deal with them is essential. The condition of a lot reflects on you and your company and a poorly maintained parking lot sticks out like a sore thumb. Here are some of the typical issues that arise in parking lot management.

#1: Gas, Oil and Water Damage

Asphalt is vulnerable to breaking down when it’s stressed by any of these liquids. The best way to protect your lot is to have it sealcoated. This process covers the asphalt with a layer of material that resists the penetration of potentially harmful fluids.

#2: Potholes

These unsightly and annoying breaches in the pavement occur when unsealed or poorly sealed cracks collect water and the asphalt starts to deteriorate in cold weather. When the water freezes it will expand cause the crack to enlarge. When the ice in the crack melts, a hole is left. Potholes are repaired by filling the hole with either a cold mix or a hot mix of asphalt. The hot mix repair is more permanent and is only applied in warm weather.


#3: Faded markings

The stripes that let people know where they should park can fade and give your lot an unattractive, unkempt look.  You will also need clearly marked spaces for handicapped parking. Having your lot marked regularly with fresh stripes gives it a well-maintained appearance that reflects positively on your business.


#4: Debris

Lots that are full of debris give the impression that your business does not pay attention to detail. Plastic wrappers. soda cans and other trash should never be left to collect in any parking lot. Have your maintenance staff clean the lot frequently or hire a contractor to perform the job.

#5: Snow

In many areas, snow is a significant problem during the winter. Regardless of how much snow your location receives, you will want a clear lot so your company can conduct business without any interruption. Make sure you have a snow removal plan in place well before the cold weather begins.

Dealing with common parking lot management issues is mainly a matter of knowing what to expect, and creating an overall strategy to address difficulties as they arise. With good preparation, you can respond successfully to any problems and make sure your lot stays functional and visually pleasing throughout the year.

Special thanks to Grounds Guys for the information about commercial parking lot maintenance